We feel that all businesses, but especially new businesses need to establish a professional team that can provide guidance and expertise for marketing, accounting, legal and technical services.
While most of us can not provide our own legal or technical expertise, at least some of the day to day accounting tasks can be performed in house with proper training and set-up.
Langard Accounting has spent over 25 years helping new businesses with accounting, business plans, office controls and organization, information technology and website creation with our partner businesses.
Business plans are important for any business. They are also an ignored and misunderstood project for most business owners. A good plan does not have to be a highly "Polished" document ready for public display. Unless you are ready to talk with investors, your plan will only be used and seen internally.
Langard can provide business plan software and assist you through this process. Once the plan is written, it becomes a good measure of business performance and gives your company direction.